Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New cat

Every day, I have a visit of a cat. It’s not my cat, it’s Donna’s cat. So, I stroke it and I chased away the cat. But, yesterday, when I took the car to go to school like every day, I felt a little bump. I looked in the mirror and I saw the cat. It was crushed! I didn’t know what to do. I threw and I asked my father what I need to do. My father laughed at me because he hated this cat. He told me that it wasn’t important. But, it was important to me. So, I bought a new cat for my girlfriend. Yesterday evening, I went to see her to give her the new cat. She was really happy, but she said to me that the only problem is what happens if the cats fight together. I gathered any strength and I told her that I killed her cat and I was giving apologize. She was really angry, but I told her it was not my fault. She excused me and took the new cat. (198 words)

Monday, October 31, 2005


Halloween Night

It was the night of Halloween. My friends and I wanted to have a strange and
frightening night. We found an old empty house. We got inside and we started to tell
frightening stories. When I was telling my story, nobody listened because they said it was
boring. So I stopped. But, at the same time the window shut hard and Michael ran
quickly behind of Jackie because he was afraid. We all laughed. It was funny to see
Michael hide himself behind his girlfriend. Michael said that he wanted to use Jackie for a body
shield. (107 words)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

5 Questions

5 Questions

1-Q : What did Eric take to make his stupid thing?
R : He took a bowling ball.

2-Q : Where did the bowling ball go when Eric droped it on the sofa?
R : The bowling ball went in the TV.

3-Q : Where were Red and Kitty when Eric broke the TV?
R : Red and Kitty were at a party.

4-Q : What kind of party was it?
R : It was an exchangist evening?

5-Q : Did Red and Kitty know that?
R : No, they didn’t know that.

Monday, October 03, 2005

That 70's show

This show talks about a group of friends who live in the seventies. They were young and they enjoyed life. There are funny characters. There is Eric who has Donna as a girlfiend. He's a student and he lives with his parent named Red and Kitty. Red made the Cold War and when he talk to Eric, it's like he is commanding an order. Eric has some good friends like Hike, Kelso and Jacky. Hike is a young man who doesn't have a father and his mother disappeared. He stays at Eric's house in the basement. (105 words)

Monday, September 12, 2005

First job

First job

The story begins with Donna, Eric’s girlfriend, who is looking for a job. Eric agrees with that, because he will have more time to do anything he wants. But, the situation will no go his way. Donna finds a job at a radio station and it’s the radio
station that Eric prefers. At first, Eric is glad but the more the time passes, the more he worries about their relationship. Donna likes her job so, she doesn’t see her boyfriend. Eric is imagining all kinds of ways to make he lose her job. One day, Eric is so tired to live like that. He misses her. He tells her to come back like before and she quits her job to please Eric. (126 words)